Hair today...

I'm having issues.


With my hair, not the dog. Well, not the dog this time!

I vowed to cut my hair and donate it by the Superbowl. That's this Sunday. (don't even get me started on my Superbowl issues)

I had someone measure my hair yesterday. If I remove the requisite 11 inches. My hair will graze the knobbly bone at the base of my neck. Part of me is excited that it won't leave me with a crew cut. Another part of me worries about my neck getting cold. Still another part of me worries about how much hair product I'm blowing through with my hair this long.


Yet another part of me is agonizing over the $115 I dropped on shampoo and deep conditioner last night. It would normally last me a year but at this length... maybe 8 months?

I want to donate the hair, I want to be free of it, but I want to have enough left that I don't look like a dork. I want to dump the half hour (45 minutes) it takes every morning to make it look presentable but I don't want to look like a dork.

Then there's the asthma factor. I've used a low VOC hairspray when it was shorter (a movable hairspray not Aqua Net!). I don't think that's an option for my lungs anymore so short hair that isn't functional on minimal product isn't going to really work well for me.

Then there's activities. Can I run, hike or bicycle with hair so short it can't be pony tailed?

Is all this angst just over the cutting? What do you think? I'm happy to listen to a voice of reason as opposed to the voices in my head!!

Asthmagirl out!

PS ~ What could I have done with the manual to my camera? I've been searching for two weeks and nothing?

PPS- In further funkiness, my bank just called about my suspicious shampoo transaction. I guess they thought it was a lot of money for shampoo!