I woke up early this morning, and since I appear to be awake, I thought about some things I was grateful for over the last year....  Not a thorough list, but heartfelt! So, I'm grateful for the following:

  • that I finally got my leg fixed after months of misery
  • that I learned I actually could run and enjoyed it (until the lungs bailed on me)
  • that I could survive falling down the stairs three times in one year and still laugh about it!
  • that my lungs were better behaved this year than last
  • that I didn't gain any additional weight this year
  • that my hair is almost long enough to be cut off and donated
  • that my family is healthy and happy
  • that I have the brute squad to cuddle with at night
  • that I have bloggy friends to visit with regularly!

I've really enjoyed the last year and I must admit that my life has been enriched by my interaction with all of you. I've learned more about myself and gained a wider perspective on issues thanks to you and your blogs!

And now... off to work for the first time this year! Have a wonderful day!

Asthmagirl out!