Four legged coward


I'm a little worried about Maddie.

For the last three days, she has become increasingly terrified to be downstairs. She works herself up to the point where she's shaking and panting and has her tail firmly clamped underneath her. It's better in the morning but by afternoon and evening, she's inconsolable. She relaxes completely if we put her upstairs. She's been spending a lot of time on the blanket upstairs in K3's room.

I took her to a dog behaviorist last year (I know... I know, one step up from having her Chi read!) who noted that Maddie was totally relying on me when she's scared and hadn't developed the ability to handle her own anxiety. He said that I was "enabling" her. I didn't go back! I don't see how you could look at a terrified animal and think "they'll get over it". But I do try to find compromises for Maddie so she can deal with her issues. For example, she's scared of her food dish. So I line up the first 4 kibbles leading to the dish and once she eats those, then she has to eat the rest out of her dish. Works every time.

I get that Maddie's a little different. She's scared of so many things but she's mostly learned to work around her fears and still have a fun life. I don't know where this fear came from and I can't pin down exactly what is terrifying her. I'm sort of at a loss...

Anyone else have a chicken dog that needs therapy?