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Earlier this week, the Lovely Mental Pause Mama was interviewed by our intrepid New Yorker Daryl. At the close of her interview, Ms. Mama made her offer to interview 5 others... She sent my questions along and here are the answers...

What is the best thing about living in Seattle? Your least favorite aspect of Seattle?


The best thing about living in Seattle is the proximity to a variety of experiences. If I want to stick my toes in salt water, it's a mere 5 minutes away. An actual sandy beach is about 2 hours away. A hike in the mountains is about 60 minutes away. A bike ride through the valley is only 20 minutes away.  Canada is two hours away! If I want to see a show in Seattle, or a football game, it's only 20 minutes to downtown. On top of all that, the weather is moderate. It typically doesn't get blazing hot or freezing cold here. It's also not high humidity which is great for my lungs.

The worst things about living in Seattle... the traffic. We're number 9 in the country for congested roads. Which leads to the other worse thing about living here and that's the air quality. When we get a temperature inversion in the summer, even though it's the best weather ever, I can't run or ride in it because of all the pollutants trapped near the ground. Can't breathe, and the lungs will punish me for days! Notice I didn't talk about the rain? Seattle gets a bad rap. We're actually number 41 for rainiest US cities. Rainiest is Mobile, AL!

Tell us more about that cabin in Alaska. I find it fascinating.

Rascal 2

We bought the cabin in Alaska in 1967. At that time, it came with 160 acres. We didn't live in it year round, but we spent significant portions of the spring, summer and fall there. For my parents it probably meant something different and adult; for me it meant frolicking in the creek, riding my horse, getting filthy and generally living like a heathen. There was no running water, so we toted water up from the creek and threw dish water out in the "yard". The cabin had a wood stove for heat and a propane stove for cooking. The couch downstairs folded out into a bed for my parents, up the steep stairs was a mini loft where my brother and I slept in cots. We'd lay awake at night and listen to the salmon run up the creek during the fish runs. At night, we would just turn the horses loose. In the morning, they would knock on the cabin door waiting for pancakes. They had developed a taste for sourdough. Pictured is me, and my first horse, Rascal. Probably around 1968.

My dad used the horses during hunting season to pack moose out after a trip. On the right side of the cabin, you can see moose antlers attached. At the front of the cabin, on the table, you can see grouse that my dad shot and hadn't cleaned yet. If you've never eaten grouse you're lucky. In the fall, we'd catch salmon out of the creek for smoking. We'd also pick tons of currants and make jelly. In the spring, we'd have to restring part of the barbed wire for the horse field as the moose would just walk right through it to hang out with the horses!

Here's what the cabin looked like last year...


The stairs on the inside are still there. Here's a better shot of the whole setting...


Sept 2007...

Have you ever had any pets other than chihuahuas? Not that The Brute Squad is priceless.....


We always had German Shepherds growing up. I loved training them. I had my last one when Girlfriend was a baby and she was terrified of him even though he adored her. He would crawl on his belly behind her while she crawled and then when she'd turn and look at him, he'd wash her face and then she'd scream... I realized that I couldn't raise babies and goofy German Shepherds so I gave up dogs until I got the Brute Squad. The dog pictured above is Questo. I had him when I was married to the first husband.

Can you truly keep a secret?

I am a vault. If someone tells me something, it's not going anywhere. When I worked for my former boss, the CEO, he was always disclosing things that couldn't be discussed out of his office. I've never disclosed which is no big deal except now that I work for the Exec, I've got scoop on him that I really can never disclose. He'd be horrified if he knew that I knew... yada yada. So yeah, I'm a top notch secret keeper.

And then there are family secrets. In this category I would describe myself as a non discloser. Failure to disclose is almost like being a good secret keeper. As an example, if the girls told me something that I knew TOG didn't want to know, I would fail to disclose... which meant that unless he asked me directly, I wouldn't speak of it.

Is the Baroness as witty in person as she is on her blog?

The baroness two

Dear Lady, The Baroness pulls her punches on the blog. She is even better in person... delightfully witty... and genuine and charming and interesting... etc, etc.

The Baroness is one of those people that makes you feel effervescent.

Now for the rules.... If there's anyone out there that hasn't been interviewed!

Here are the directions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. For the first five, I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview
someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask
them five questions.

Asthmagirl out!