Sleep Wars

My usual schedule during the week [and on vacation, weekends, getaways, etc...] begins between 4 am and 5 am when my eyes inexplicably fly open and my brain begins dancing like a whirling Cossack. I know many of you will envy this ability to wake up with your to do list blinking in living neon color mere inches from your head. Let me just say, it's not as sexy as it sounds. Mostly because a) my alarm is not set to go off until 5:30 am and b) my internal clock [the little dude with a mallet who smacks me in the head when it's time for bed...] doesn't allow for the toothbrushing [I have more than one] and pajama routine until at least 11pm.

After a couple weeks of this, I become Zombie Girl. It's at the opposite end of the spectrum from AG.... it's ZG!

Eventually, it gets to the point where I can't stay awake after dinner and I fall asleep watching the news, wake up at about 9 or 10 and then can't get back to sleep. Midnight rolls around and I'm still up... knowing that even if I fell asleep immediately, I'd wake up before my alarm in the morning.

So last night, I made myself stay up. I stayed up until 11:30 and then fell asleep waiting for TOG to come home. He got home at 12:45. We stayed up until 1:30am. I woke up at 5:01am. He's still asleep. I'm sucking coffee and feeling envy at his ability to snooze. I laid in bed until 6:30am trying to drift off, but no luck. I'm going to try to stay awake today... Ideally, if I could stay up until 11 and then fall asleep and somehow stay asleep until even 6am, that might get me back on the right track. I'm not usually stuck in this phase of my sleep cycle this long. I really need to break out of it!

In the meantime, since I'm up, I've been looking at my pics from Canada. Last year, I took a picture of this guy dining al fresco at sunset...

Seal eight 

This year, we were walking along the inner harbor when TOG nudged me and says "Look, a seal"! Of course, I happened to have my camera on me. By the time I wrestled it out of my purse and pointed it to where he indicated, this is what I saw....


They were moving around so much, that we couldn't count them all... I would say 10 to 15 of them... We're used to seeing them off the south end of the island or the sea wall, but we'd not seen them in the inner harbor before! I think they've become very used to people though... they just hang there and look at you!

Seals two 

I bet they don't have crazy sleep cycles... Just sayin'

Have a great day! Zombiegirl Asthmagirl out!