Happy New Year!

We arrived home last night after what seemed like the drive that took forever! Ferry waits, wind, visits with friends, getting lost, snow, getting lost again, crazy holiday traffic... good times!

I haven't even looked through the pictures I've taken... Nor have I yet caught my breath enough to do an inventory of the previous year and chart a course for this one...

I hope to unpack and get organized today! In the meantime, I leave you with a photo of one of my favorite bloggers, who was gracious enough to take a few moments away from her party preparations and make me laugh.

The baroness two 

If you always suspected The Baroness was tall, thin and beautiful... you were right. If only this photo showed her inner beauty! I hope it's a wonderful Latke-Palouza, Baroness!

Wishing all of you an auspicious beginning of this fresh and lovely new year!