An eventful evening

It started innocently enough... I came home and made pizza with the girls. I had an evening of work ahead of me as I needed to clean and organize some of my files in preparation for handing them over to the the organization I've been contracting for. I had a meeting scheduled today for the hand off and a brief status update. I'm not going to be doing contract grant writing with this org anymore. The workload is too heavy. I am continuing to do special projects and tech work for them though. So today was to have been release of files, status report, cleansing of their work computers (they claim they never remember how) and a sit-down session to show the CEO how to use the new laptop I just got for him.

So there I am in my office, tossing and sorting and I remember that I need to call the person that I outsource newsletter prep to. We're getting ready to release our annual report at work and I want to know if she can prep it for mailing. So I call and we're chatting away. I have a dog on my lap, files all over the floor, the phone tucked in my shoulder while I talk and I'm pulling computer files from my system to a flash drive when the call waiting beeps. Grrr...

It's my lung Dr.... Seriously. Dr M? Why are you calling me at 9PM. He was so sweet. You sent me an email about your leg and wanting advice and referral and I didn't know you'd been taking all these antibiotics. We talked about the leg for maybe 5 minutes and the consensus is that we can't treat it with antibiotics alone, it's not working. And he's concerned that it's impairing my cycling and running since he likes the exercize for my lungs....So he referred me back to the surgeon and says if she won't open it up and clean it out, we'll do a referral to another surgeon. Then we talked about sports for 10 minutes. He likes basketball and baseball, I like football and baseball. We got caught up on sports injuries, long term impact of concussions and rehabilitating ACLs.

Folks, I love Dr. M. like no other Dr. This is why I drive almost 40 miles to see him. What a wonderful Dr... and a genuinely nice person. I'm grateful that he has 45 minute appointments because we usually spend at least half of the appt on sports and kids!

So off the phone with Dr. M. and calling back the newsletter prep person. We're talking about schedule and quantity when my email sounds. It's the CEO I'm supposed to meet with today. He's canceling our appt. His BRAND NEW laptop (seriously, I delivered it a week ago) got stolen out of his truck during dinner. The laptop that wasn't pass code protected because the CEO hates passwords. The laptop that I just loaded a years worth of anti-everything software on. The laptop I got for $500 off retail because I know the distributor so well. The one I spent 4 hours setting up that I hadn't even billed for yet. Why am I so pissed about this? I hate thieves. I hate the violation, the broken windows, the fact that they take things they have no emotional investment in. Grrr...

So I'm telling TOG all this at 11PM when he gets home from work and he's all "why are you so upset about the laptop?". Because I worked hard to find just the right one, get the best deal, set it up just the way the CEO likes it. And now someone else with no appreciation for those thoughts and efforts gets it for free. All because they used a crowbar on his window. Bastards. Gah!

In an effort to end on a happy note....


puppy eyes.... (Madeline circa 2006)

Asthmagirl out.