Oh, it's a Monday!

After a weekend of yard work and other activities, I almost feel too tired to go back to work! But I need to get there early today as I have a meeting to referee chair and I need to get some visual aids set up. The delightful thing about chairing a meeting with the other managers is that none of us is a wallflower and a few of us are very outspoken. If you don't start off with a controlled agenda, you will quickly learn your lesson and do so the next time you chair one! Fortunately I have a plan which may include some chocolate which is conveniently hidden in my desk for after the meeting!

And now for a brief good news/bad news blurb. I wondered in my 5K ass update whether I could indeed run 2 miles. The answer is yes. In fact, Saturday morning, I ran 2.3 miles. I am perilously close to the 3.1 miles that is the 5K I committed to. I blame all the hiking and biking. It seems I came to the running thing with some built in endurance and just had to figure out the mechanics of how to run. I have to admit though... I suck. I run VERY slowly. Now, the unfortunate news.... my leg decided to abscess about 24 hours after the run. Since the surgery and the repeated antibiotics haven't helped, I'm going to call my lung guy and see if he'll refer me to a wound clinic or something. I'm out of ideas and just don't know what to do. At this point, I'd consider chicken bones, garlic and the head of a toad. I just can't live some sedate life where I never do ANYTHING because my leg is on permanent hiatus.

Okay, enough whining! As a reminder, I get the joy and pleasure of hosting the spud fest this month! Who's excited? I can't wait to see all the recipes! I plan to host it on the cooking blog, with plenty of promo on this blog. You can send recipes to diane at asthmagirl dot com.


So, how was your weekend!?