Weighing in...

Sunrise 2 

Not literally. I'm not up for discussing my weight at this point. I ran another mile and a half last night with NO WALKING and I think I could have hit my two mile goal except TOG came with me and he can't run... it seriously hurts his basketball knees. So I've run 6 miles and hiked 6 in the last week, and thank goodness my weight is holding steady. I'd hate to think all this work was actually going to pay off (sarcasm). Especially since I've gone without cookies and cider for the last week. Maybe it's time to work on my chardonay elbow!

I am going to weigh in on something that I was planning to avoid, at least for a while longer. But dang it... this stuff is coming at you all hours of the day and night... internet, TV, newspaper. I've had it up to here [indicates chin] with this presidential election crap. Most particularly, the insulting generalizations and over simplifications.

First of all, I find it damn insulting that any party would presume that I would so identify with the gender of a candidate that I would toss aside my dearly held beliefs for the privlidge of voting for their girl. What a load of crap. I would never vote for a candidate because they have a hoo-haw and breasts. It didn't work with Hilary and it's not working with Sarah. Nor would I vote for someone because they were good looking (male or female) or for any other superficial reason. Whatever happened to campaigning on the issues or looking for the most qualified candidate? And the self deprecating comments about pitbulls in lipstick... thanks for setting our timeclock back 50 years by mocking your gender on a national stage. Do you see male candidates doing the same thing about their personal grooming. Gah! (thanks la la! That word is perfection!)

And while we're on the subject, I'm utterly sick of the term "Hockey Mom". And that's saying a lot since I grew up in Alaska and played hockey (poorly) in my spare time. To me, this is just more of the same "she's just like you". No, no she's not. Granted we are both mothers, raised in Alaska and our youngest children have developmental disabilities. Oh, and we both enjoy moose. And that's about where it ends. I don't want to bond with my candidates, I want to hear their position on healthcare, the environment, renewable energy, foreign relations, the economy... and their proposed solutions. I'm perfectly capable of voting for someone utterly unlike me if I thought they were the best candidate. It really grinds my cookie that political strategists don't give voters credit for being a little more savvy.

As far as the media avalanche on Sarah's daughter... poor girl, I feel the worst for her. Bad enough to take a mis-step and end up with an unplanned pregancy without having to have your news blasted across the national media. But I've also had it up to here with both parties trying to play it to their favor. I hardly think (no matter my beliefs) that one teen pregnancy is the defining point on whether abstinance-only sex education works. Yes, her mother purports to believe that and yes, her daughter is pregnant, let it go. This isn't the stage to be hashing out that particular agenda. On the flip side, I don't think we should be hailing the young lady as the poster child for the right to life movement. Again, not the time, not the stage. Both political parties seem to believe that this young lady's pregnancy is some sort of platform for proving their position, and it's not. It's a young couple's life and choice. I firmly believe the government shouldn't concern themselves with sex education and reproductive rights because all too often they screw things up royally. But that's just me.

Okay, now I'm just sounding like a snot. Carry on....

Asthmagirl out!

PS- This blog has an interesting entry well worth reading. Apparently bloggers are being blamed for disparaging rumors regarding a certain candidate. And we lack journalistic integrity. Good to know.