Kow Wranglin'

Last night, went running for the first time since the surgery. Nothing strenuous... just a slow mile and then shut it down. The leg felt fine... still feels fine.

Because of Fred and Bessie's.... um... gluttony... I decided that they should go with me to work off the butter, ice cream and chocolate.

DSC_0048 copy   

However, typical Fred and Bessie... they are always easily distracted...

DSC_0049 copy 

As I was changing the settings on the camera, I looked and found that they'd wandered off.... again.

DSC_0052 copy 

Apparently the grass was a little too much for them to resist. And while it looked harmless at first, when they finally started to run, it was out into the inner field... toward the soccer team...away from me! I did head them off at the pass... and I can't really blame them for typical Kow behavior, but...

DSC_0050 copy 

...I think it may be awhile before I take them running again. And we'll definitely have to have a talk about behavior in public!