Festivals and Celebrations

I'm feeling a little festive. Football season is well underway... I've started my Holiday shopping (sick, sick person) and the leaves have begun to turn! I'm even pondering new soups...

Last weekend, as I was downloading my game photos, I began to casually peruse my photos from last football season, I came upon this... Remember this?

Santa Baby   

Yes, I was sick as two dogs and sporting a pasty white finish, but this robust fellow was very festive and I did wonder occasionally where he got the Seahawk ensemble. As you can see, it's one of a kind.

So... 9 months later (there's a catchy phrase!) I'm looking through the newspaper at the photos from last Sunday's game. Have a look at this guy....!

Hawk daddy 

This is [clearly] Hawk Daddy. Check out the glasses... and the material of his lovely jacket... A coincidence? I think not! And someone sews like a demon, because his ensembles are NOT off the rack at the Seahawk Pro Shop! (otherwise I might have been tempted!)

Another thing worth noting... the ensemble Hawk Baby is wearing... matches perfectly. The Seattle Times also revealed that this gentlemen buys a second seat for Hawk Baby. I have to admire that kind of attention to detail. And the shirt and tie combos...

What do you think? Have I got it right? Is this the same guy? And is he a rabid fan or is he quirky? Charming? Unique?

Inquiring minds want to know!