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Welcome to Chihuahua Network News! I'm Madeline Louise, joined as always by our intrepid on air reporters, Cassiopeia Stardust and Fiona Begona. We have some special guest reporters this week... but first the news.

Bush is toad 

This week, Laura Bush noted that Sarah Palin lacks sufficient foreign policy experience, but that the vice presidential nominee was a quick study and that she, the first lady was honored to vote for her. While neither of these observations is particularly newsworthy, her follow up comments caught this Chihuahua off guard. Mrs. Bush further noted that she thought Ms. Palin "is being treated unfairly because she is a woman" and that, the first lady says, "is to be expected". This Chihuahua is surprised that in this day and age, any woman "expects to be treated unfairly". Certainly women candidates are nothing new on the horizon and all candidates appear to be undergoing additional scrutiny this entire election year.


The chairman of the House Financial Services Committee declared Friday that an agreement on legislation to relieve a spreading financial crisis depends on House Republicans "dropping this revolt" against President Bush.

Rep. Barney Frank said leading Democrats on Capitol Hill were shocked by the level of divisiveness that surfaced at a White House meeting Thursday, not long after key congressional players of both parties declared they'd achieved the broad outlines of an agreement on a bill implementing the administration's proposed $700 billion bailout plan.

Participants in a meeting late Thursday afternoon that Bush had at the White House with congressional leaders and presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama said it descended into arguments. The disagreements were so deep-seated that some lawmakers wondered aloud just who - and how many - negotiators would show up for the resumption of talks later Friday morning at the Capitol.

Sen. Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican who appeared on the same show, said many GOP lawmakers dislike the proposal that has been pushed on the administration's behalf principally by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

"Basically, I believe the Paulson proposal is badly structured," Shelby said. "It does nothing basically for the stressed mortgage payer. It does a lot for three or four or five banks .

Even for a party whose president suffers dismal approval ratings, whose legislative wing lost control of Congress and whose presidential nominee trails in the polls, Thursday was a remarkably bad day for Republicans.

Bush boring copy 

Here at Chihuahua Network News, we're saddened to report that WAMU was seized and closed late Thursday and it's assets sold to JP Morgan. This Chihuahua continues to hope for some sort of agreement that doesn't cause the american taxpayer to take it in the shorts nor specifically benefit the few at the expense of the many. We're also  hoping for a resolution that doesn't effect our supply of puppy biscuits.

And now the weather with Fiona, your weather pooch!



Map 1 

Hi! Sorry for the delay! We're having a wiener roast in the map room. Unfortunately there was a horrible mustard accident all over the middle of the weather map.

The letter today in weather world is L! See all the L's? L is for Linger and Lazy. If you're in those areas of the country today, you should relax and have a barbecue maybe! And don't forget the wieners!

Fiona the weather dog, signing off!

Keep me up nights copy   

It's hard to believe we actually pay her!

And now, as a new segment to Chihuahua Network News we have special reporters on the job bringing us the latest in consumer prices! Take it away!

Cassie cows 

Cassie here. Apparently I've been demoted as the mouthpiece for cows that can't even talk. What's next? Janitor?

Maddie: Cassie!

Cassie: And here we go with our expose' on milk prices. Take it away Fred!


Cassie: How about you, Bessie?


Cassie: And that concludes the expose' on rising costs of milk.

Maddie: Cassie!

Cassie: Oh fine! I just want you to know how far beneath me this is!

Fred and Bessie feel that dairy costs are rising everywhere, and it's not due to using corn as a base for ethanol as you might think. Fred feels that it's not the increased price of feed and energy costs to bring dairy products to market... it's because of all the beautiful cows on TV. Like these:


Fred: OOh la la!

Bessie: I bet she has cloven hooves and a wet nose!

Cassie cows

Cassie: Cow porn. Right. I don't get paid enough for this!  Back to you Madeline!


No Cassie... I don't get paid enough for this. And now, another special report with Roxy, our resident reporter on the street.... Roxy!


Thanks Maddie! This week I'm off the beack and into the studio with this report...

Roxy movie 

Earlier this summer, Cassie reviewed this movie as being not worth our time. While I wanted to dislike the commercialization of Chihuahuas, early reviews indicate that it's totally worth seeing and in fact that it portrays Chihuahuas as something more that ornaments to be carried around. Wouldn't you agree Cassie?

Cassie and roxy 

Cassie: I still don't recommend it. My original objection stands. These are not pretty Chihuahuas. Look how they pale in comparrison with me in the picture.

Roxy: This is supposed to be "Entertainment" not princess for a day...!


Great!!! Thanks for that report. It's easy to see that this topic will continue to inspire lots of discussion!

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That's it for this edition of Chihuahua Network News. Our thanks to guest reporters Fred, Bessie and Roxy! Keep tuning in for the latest and greatest in Chihuahua news!