I used to have tons of these at the old house. This year, I finally planted some here. This is the only one that has bloomed... the rest have been building roots. I love it's determination!

In other news... I didn't go back to the surgeon. I'd already taken the stiches out and the incision is healing nicely. I couldn't see paying the larger "specialist copay" for her to tell me what I already know. And no, I've never removed my own stitches before. Although it was kinda cool, I don't recommend it. I only did it because they were becoming more irritated than the incision and I couldn't see waiting four more days.  

I'm considering trying a light jog tonight. Nothing excessive in speed or length and alternating with walking as needed. I'd just like to see if the leg feels okay with a bit of excercise.

Finally... I don't usually talk about my work, but I have to say it or I'll burst! I got a $55,000 grant for one of our disability programs. With all the receeding federal dollars, (We've taken budget cuts for eight straight years yet continued to recieve the same number of requests for service) we were in danger of losing a big chunk of this program. The grant basically stabilizes the program until December 2009.

On that note, gotta run! Early meeting this morning! If I didn't visit you, I'll drop by later!