A tail of two cowz

Well, first of all, I auto loaded my post yesterday morning because I wasn't sure how my plan would work.

I've been very alarmed by the messages I've been reading on Flea's blog regarding her cows being kidnapped. Flea's cows, Fred and Bessie were on their way here from Texas and it was taking them a long time. And then Flea got this message from the "Kownappers". And then this one... I had to do something.

So with my cape fluttering, I headed for Sante Fe with four pounds of butter in my purse. I made it to Santa Fe about mid day. Since the last note said the bus depot, that's where I headed for the stake out. I loitered for about 3 hours when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye... Could it be? Yes! Over there where the lockers for storing luggage were! There were two little noses sticking out of one of the bottom lockers, twitching at the smell of the butter in my purse... which had conveniently started to melt and you know how good that smells!

I didn't give them time to argue (not that I could have understood them anyway!), just scooped them up and headed back to the great Northwest! The cows were so exhausted, they slept the entire way. After dinner, I introduced them to the Brute Squad, hoping the dogs would somehow be able to discover what Fred and Bessie were doing in Santa Fe.

The Brute Squad lined up for introductions (while they eyed the trail of butter the cows left on the carpet):

What was that

Maddie and Fiona were very curious about Bessie:

Girls two 

But it wasn't until Fred and Bessie made a move toward Maddie's play sock that they got down to talking...

Big talk 

Apparently the Brute Squad cobbled together some sort of language they can all understand called "Cow-wa-wa". But Cassie kept shaking her head, indicating she didn't want to speak it. Apparently she is a purist.


While Madeline got right down to it!

Girls one 

And Cassie continued to ignore them as best she could:

On my turf 

Maddie was finally ready to tell me what little she knew:

Maddie speaks 

Apparently, the cows became desperately lost after they left Texas, in spite of the excellent directions they'd been given. Running low on butter and chocolate and scared of becoming "herd bait" in the Old West, they contacted one of Flea's friends to write the "Kownapper" notes for them. They were counting on Flea to at least send the supplies they needed. However Bessie still didn't think it would work because they'd only asked for butter, chocolate and video games... Fred forgot to ask for a map. So ultimately, they were glad to be rescued, although a little put out because they were hoping to  complete the journey on their own!

The cows finally cow-lapsed late last night on the Puppy Blanket with Cassie. They were still sleeping when I got up this morning. Which is good, because I forgot to lock up the chocolate!

Good night 

I imagine it will take a couple of days for them to settle in, thank goodness. It gives all of us the chance to recover!

Asthmagirl out!