For my Canadian Friends...

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It was Canada Day at the Seahawks game Sunday. You sent some Mounties to visit! I love their outfits!


I can't remember the name of the singers who did your national anthem... was it Destino? Possibly the only time Asthmagirl has cried during the Canadian anthem... (although she's a prolific crier during the US anthem, as well as the coin toss where the sick young kids come down on the field to be honorary co-captains during the toss. And they walk out into the middle of the field with Hasselbeck and Tatupu and Wahle... and they look so tiny next to these huge guys... Asthmagirl melts like a Popsicle on a hot summer day...) 

(Actually it was Destino! Asthmagirl looked up their myspace...


Anyways... here's a close up of your mounties....


Tres Magnifique!

Now this part is for the Baroness... recall our comments last week? Non?


Apparently it's a race for the end zone! Go Baroness! Go!


Yea! You did end up winning! The person in the red ball did not fare so well and you beat him handily. Once in the end zone, the helpers unzip the balls and the racers hop out! Possibly to be popped into an oxygen tent?

Stay tuned... Asthmagirl has searched through her archives and found a mystery that must be solved!

Asthmagirl out!