The bridal breakfast

The weekend was beyond hectic. This morning Asthmagirl is rockin' a massive headache that she hopes will fall back a couple of notches to 'skull splitting' soon. The tylenol tablets she took this morning are not up to the job. Asthmagirl is thinking morphine drip. [except not morphine because she's highly allergic... but something along those lines... cuz WOW...]

In what was to be the only "quiet moment" yesterday morning, here's a little snapshot (or three) of a young lady about to take on a new persona... wife.

The girls staggered in late Saturday night after the rehersal, rehersal dinner and a ton of last minute preparations. They awoke to the smells of breakfast at 6:00 am and stole an hour to sit and enjoy each other before the worries of hair, make up, dresses, pictures and ultimately a lovely ceremony...

The Bride


The Laughter

The party 

The Bride and Maid of Honor

Bride and moh 

The entire party

Bridal party 

These were shot with no flash which created a huge golden glow. We removed some of the gold, but then did a slight blur, a black and white vintage action which we decreased to 50% opacity and then a slight edge burn. We wanted the photos to have an ethereal quality... a "moment in time" look.

Asthmagirl is off to get ready for work with her giant balloon head. If you don't hear from her, you''ll know she sucumbed.