Touching Home


I saw my in-laws for the first time in about a year last night. TOG and his mom both have birthday's the same week. So we took them to dinner last night at a local restaurant right on the water (NOT the restaurant where the CEO's laptop disappeared!).

The reason I don't see my in laws is that my MIL's husband still smokes... in the house. And he has lived in that house for 40 years. That house is poison to my wimpy lungs. They don't like to come to our house because he can't smoke. So it's a process of talking them into meeting us somewhere and we've made many offers to buy them dinner. But you can't smoke in restaurants here anymore so it's not much of a compromise I guess. Still it was good to see them. I like my MIL a lot.

I wish I could say the food was fab, but it wasn't... and to me, there's no excuse. My MIL and I both noticed that the place was running at about half their usual volume for customers. We had a window table which for the last 10 years would have been impossible to get on a Friday night. So the food being sub-par didn't make sense. The kitchen couldn't have been rushed. My choice was Dijon halibut with a panko crust. I couldn't taste any Dijon, and the fish was over done all the way around the edges and through most of the middle... where it was too tough to cut with a fork, much less flake like it should have... Not Good. I could go on about how they cut corners AND raised prices but it's just sad. Apparently the state of the nation has hit my little home town. This restaurant has a great reputation and the food has always been the best in our little town and now... not so much. I was missing my pub fare last night!

Today, we'll finish shampooing the carpets and getting ready for our guests tonight. Girlfriend's best friend since high school is getting married tomorrow and the entire bridal party is sleeping over tonight. I anticipate tons of giggling and plan to get lots of pictures of J's last night of freedom! I'm honored to be her final pit stop on the way to marital bliss! Tomorrow morning, I'm serving sourdough pancakes at 6:30am so they can get to the salon for hair and make up. Y'all are welcome to drop by!

And then it's off to the Seahawks game. I plan to have a better day than last week because... I took my stitches out the night before last and my leg is feeling better without them... I'm really going to have to do some fast talking when I see the surgeon!

Have a great weekend!!!

Asthmagirl out