An interesting visitor ...

As I recovered from the amount of traffic that hit my humble little blog while hosting the Ho Down, I had occasion to read a comment last night that made my teeth clench a little. I left it up, because I don't think editing comments I disagree with is what my blog is about. Barring profanity, threats or other nasty stuff, that is. I considered not responding as well, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that allowing it to sit there was in some way condoning the position of the author. So not only will I respond to it, I'll post it here for all to see...

Although I'm theoretically okay with political discussion, I generally avoid it because in practice most people are highly vested in their political beliefs and it's unlikely that discussion will change their underlying values. So, I try to respect that and move on. I did make some political observations earlier this month, but I kept them in the vein of how political parties campaign, particularly in pursuit of female voters. I made no secret of the fact that I find it somewhat insulting for a party to shove ANY woman candidate to the forefront while maintaining "Look, she's just like you, here... vote for her." Further, I maintain that expecting the American public to vote ONLY for candidates they can personally identify with is demeaning as well. It negates the importance of issues, debates, positions and any intelligent discussion regarding qualifications. If it were true, we might as well run a beauty pageant/bake off/bowling league and select our leaders that way.

Based on my remarks, here's the comment I got.

"haha, as Ann Coulter says, take away the women's vote and the democrats will never be elected again. go Sarah !!"

While I don't want to embarrass the person that wrote this, I'd like to just share a few thoughts on this statement.

  1. If your intent was to insult the democrats, thinking I would jump to their defense, you obviously didn't read my post carefully. I didn't proclaim to be a democrat or to support Hilary. I am an independent. I'm capable of considering issues beyond "party line" and making an informed decision about which candidate more closely reflects my values.
  2. Your insinuation that the democratic party is founded on nothing more than a woman's right to choose is either inflammatory or ignorant. I'm guessing civil liberties, service to country and a dedication to jobs and economic growth are topics you are not familiar with? And aren't those republican values as well?
  3. Your willingness to hold Ann Coulter up as spokesperson for women in politics in particular and republicans in general does a disservice to your platform. There are any number of folks in and out of the republican party that disagree with the pronouncements of Ms. Coulter, who makes a very good living being both inflammatory and divisive.
  4. It's should never be easy to speak of "taking away rights" ... it's only been 100 years since women had the right to vote... dispensed by men. And less than that for black Americans. Snide off the cuff comments about "taking away a right to vote" diminishes us as humans.

My main point is, there are enough issues that need discussion and focus today. The economy, health care, jobs, the environment, war and energy all come to mind. While it's obviously tempting for some folks to wade in and post inflammatory statements, slinging insults and defaming those who disagree with you makes it that much harder to reach consensus, compromise and resolution. And ultimately I continue to believe that solving the problems that face us will take team work and compromise, not extremist views and insults.

Thanks for visiting.

Asthmagirl out.