Taking it easy?

Let's see... surgery on the leg Wednesday.

  1. Went to work Thursday to cater the staff meeting; check.
  2. Took Friday off, but "allowed" myself to be drug off to the pub Friday night; check.
  3. Went to a fundraiser Saturday night with a friend from work; check.
  4. Went to the Seahawks game Sunday; check.
  5. Fell down the stairs this morning; check. 

I'm sure the leg should be healed up annnyyy minute. Yup. I can probably start running on it any day now.

French press 

Saturday night, I bid on one of the items at the silent auction. Part of the auction was tucked away in an area that didn't get a lot of traffic and I was delighted to win a coffee basket that had this little number in it. TOG and I enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings... Last time we had a power outage, we had the gas fireplace, gas stove and gas water heater to get us through, meaning we could boil water for instant coffee. No more! Now I'm going to grind a little ahead when they predict a storm so we can enjoy the French Press! I'm delighted!

What delights you lately?

Asthmagirl out!

PS ~ Don't forget to send your potato recipes in! I can't wait to share what we have so far!!! Let's rock the spud!