Laptop update: Yesterday I posted about my boss and his laptop, among other things. There's a clarification available as more information has rolled in. Apparently the CEO used the term "broke into my truck" loosely and I took it literally. Here's what happened. He and his wife had business a few miles away (they are in the same field). They and another couple decided to have some wine after the meeting and went to a waterfront restaurant and sat out on the deck talking. After an hour or so, they went inside to have dinner as it was getting rather chilly on the water. I'm not sure how much time had passed when the CEO realized he didn't have his keys. He told a server he thought he left them on table out on the deck and asked if someone could check. What should have taken a few moments, took 15 minutes. Finally the keys were brought to him. When he and his wife returned to their vehicle, they noted nothing suspicious. When they got home. they realized that the laptop and her briefcase were missing from the back seat and the CEO claims they were NOT in plain view. I have my suspicions on who the perp might be, what do you think?

Ass update: Dismal. Thanks to my stupid leg, I have not been able to run since Saturday when I threw down my 2.3 mile jog on the flat track. Last week I ran approximately 5.5 miles with no loss of weight or inches. This week, I'm feeling pathetic and have fallen off the cookie wagon (again). Mother's Double Fudge for everyone.

I have another appointment with the surgeon today and we'll see what her plans are. Frankly, I'm not very optimistic. [slightly graphic language ahead] After draining for 3 days (a record), there is not much to see in terms of an abscess. However in another couple days after it fills back up, it should look pretty crappy again.

SPUD FEST (Potato Ho's unite!): Saving the best for last! Here's our mascot...


We already have our first recipe for the Ho Down this month! Very exciting! However, I did get a couple of questions and I want to make sure I post the rules. So I've gone to our Ho Down site and pulled these off for you....

Post your spud recipe on your blog (if you have one). Within your post please include a link to this announcement and that your post is an entry into the event. Also don't forget the date of the roundup (September 17th) and the event logo. Your recipe must feature potatoes in some way, whether they be fried, baked, made in a gratin, chips, sweet potatoes...well you get it, it's a Potato Ho-Down so let's feature the potato! Email me at diane at asthmagirl dot com between now and September 15th, 2008 with the following information:

-Your name (how you want it to appear on post)
-Your Ho name (first pet's name + middle name)
-Your blog's name (if you have one)
-Your post URL -Name of your dish
-A very short description of your recipe that will appear in the roundup -

Please attach a 575 pixels wide photo of your final dish (this will vary for each hosting site)

If you do not have a blog, you may still submit a recipe and picture and you'll be included in the recipe Ho Down! And as a fellow procrastinator, if you don't submit the recipe until the 16th, I'll still include it!

Got it? Great! Can't wait to see more recipes! 


Potatoes anyone?