In which she rambles ceaselessly...


I had my post planned for today and although I'll get to it, I find myself distracted and disjointed. Not a new condition for me, but one I've learned to accommodate on a semi-regular basis!

First things first... the lungs seem to have settled somewhat. I thought this yesterday morning too and then went to work to find they had laid carpet in my new office (I don't live in there yet). The adhesive they used with the carpet was greener than the last time, but still off-gassing VOC's. The lungs (already impacted from the night before) pulled their "delicate flower" routine and left me with no alternative but to go home and work. I asked them to put my hepa filter in the new office instead of out in the hallway in hopes that it will filter the toxins more quickly that way. I don't anticipate going in today... my breathing scores are stable but not yet up where they should be.

Second... I ended up taking an on line survey yesterday regarding my shopping habits. Every now and then I fall for it and the "it'll just take 2-3 minutes" line. No. It was more like 10 minutes but whatever. What surprised me were my answers. It asked a. what I had shopped for and b. what I had bought on line in c. the last 30 days and d. the last 6 months. Then it asked where I had shopped for in person in the last 30 days or the last 6 months. People... I'm officially a geek. The last time I was in a mall was when I met the Baroness in March. The only stores I've visited in the last 6 months are the grocery store, the hiking store and my computer dealer. Everything else has been bought on tools, shoes, clothes, make up, hair care, books, asthma meds, software, even some techie geek stuff I can't live without (500 gig external hardrive, micro sd reader). I'm just wondering at this point, am I nurturing my asthma (no scents or perfume when you're shopping on line... no smells wafting down from bath and body works...) or am I nurturing my shyness? I do not want to end up as one of those recluse little old ladies that they have to do an intervention on because she has 87 cats and a brute squad. Maybe I need to do a self intervention now?

Finally, in finishing my week of gratitude, today... I'm grateful for the following: You. Yes, if you're reading this, I'm grateful for you. While I'm not a comment hog, if you weren't reading here, I might as well be talking to myself! I have met some wonderful, interesting people on line in the last 8 months. It's been meaningful beyond belief. I love your stories, your humor and your creativity (yes and your comments). Y'all have put the sprinkles on my cupcake.... or the lime slice in my hard cider... take your pick! Thanks... just thanks!

Asthmagirl out!