Tangled roots

I've been pretty tangled lately. In the process of closing down part of my business and getting used to a new director at work... adjusting to The Old Goat's new schedule and Girlfriend's surgery... it almost like I was just immobilized.... totally inert, down to just responding to others but not initiating anything on my own. 

Over the last week, I've changed things up, cleaned one of my two offices and put some things in place that will hopefully allow me to feel less tangled and get more things done. I like feeling organized and effective, but the truth is, sometimes I assume roles in so many areas of my life that I end up not doing anything well. It isn't like someone asked and I answered, it's just me thinking "I'll do that" or "This needs to be done" and focusing on all the little tasks without stepping back to look at the big picture. The worst is sitting down to make a list and drawing a complete blank but knowing that your list is going to be huge if you can ever collect your thoughts!

So this week, I'm going to be trying out my plan and making adjustments as needed. And I'm going to be purposeful about counting my blessings. This is my week of gratitude. Each day, I'm going to focus on one thing I am grateful for.

Today: I'm grateful for my ability to hike. It's not always easy and I often feel like I'm dragging my lungs up each ridge, but I'm grateful for each opportunity to see something beautiful, something you couldn't see from a road. Something you had to work for to appreciate.....

Water fall


The path  

What are you grateful for?