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Captured this morning... Maddie cleaning her eternally dirty feet...


Remember these....

Shoe 1

Oh baby! Keen's Calistoga Sandal. Here's their glamor shot...


I haven't worn another shoe since I got them. So comfortable. Great arch support. le sigh!

So here's the story. I finally found an online store that a) didn't require a second mortgage on my home to purchase these b) actually had them in the size and color I required (asthmagirl has flipper feet) and c) would ship them to me for free! I tell you, I heard harp music. The name of the company was Bivouac Ann Arbor

So I order my beloved sandals. And I wait. They don't send you 20 update emails, just a thanks for your order. So I email. Are my sandals coming? They respond promptly "they'll be there today". Sweet! I'm so excited! The box arrives at work. I start telling everyone passing by my office how these are the coolest sandals EVAH! A crowd gathers. I open the box and see.....


Meet Keen's Calistoga SHOE. Not what I ordered. At. All. Asthmagirl does not wear clunky looking Mary Janes! People are standing in my office saying "this is why I don't order online". I promptly email Bivouac and tell them that a horrible mistake has been made. When I get to work the next day, I have an email waiting for me telling me to call them at "this number". I call. 4 rings into it, I get a sleepy voice "hello". Um, yeah... I state my name and he interrupts "Yeah, this is about your sandals. Someone pulled the wrong product on your order. We're considering letting him go". What? Dude (he sounds like a surfer dude), I just want my sandals.

So basically, he's already looked up the UPS store closest to me. I'm to drop the shoes off and they''ll leave a ship tag there to get the shoes back to them. In the meantime, he's already shipped my sandals by two day express. I should have them tomorrow. And... he gave me his personal line because he didn't want me to have to talk to someone that didn't know what was happening.

Seriously, some of the best customer service EVAH. I love great customer service and yes... I already sent off an email telling them how awesome and easy they made it! If outdoor stores are your thing, you could do a lot worse than these guys.

Asthmagirl out!

PS - Disclaimer - Please do not assume that I am some Mary Jane hating blonde. If you like 'em and wear 'em, I'm happy for you. They are just not a shoe I would choose for my flipper feet/ hooves!