Denny creek 1

[while not an official 5K ass update, this is topical and does effect my ass]

With foot and leg on the mend, I did my very best to convince TOG that we ought to go on a hike this last weekend. He looked anything but convinced, so I did what I had to do. Pulled on my wool socks and hiking boots (I was hoping the boot would go on since I hadn't tried it yet and he was watching intently as I made the effort) and garbed in my pjs, jogged up and down the driveway, calling out "See, no problem!"

So we worked in the yard all day Saturday. Apparently TOG is no pushover and noted that wedging my hoof into my boot and jogging for 50 feet didn't equate to being ready to hike 10 miles over rocky terrain and he wasn't going to drive 50 miles to the pass only to turn around after a half mile hike because my hoof hurt. Sigh...

It's tough to admit, but summer appears to be over (labor day is upon us and I don't see any sunny days in our 10 day forecast) and I don't know how much longer we'll be able to hike. Through September hopefully. There were so many trails I wanted to try this year, and even three weeks ago, it seemed like summer was stretching out like a long, lazy, hot afternoon in front of us. Now I can see this activity winding down and I'm saddened. Even though I'm enjoying the start of football season and all the sights and smells of fall, I really want more time in the mountains before the leaves turn. More time on trail, more wildflowers, more zen...

How are you handling the change in seasons?