Dinner with Dave

Dave2 copy

Last night TOG and I met Dave at the Pub. I love Dave. Love, love love!

When my Mom and Dad divorced, my Dad met Dave's mom about a year later. She and Dave's Dad were also divorced. I would have been 18, almost 19 when they married and Dave was 12. I fell into roses, because it meant that I got Dave and Eva as my brother and sister. Given the dysfunction of my family, (I haven't even touched on my real brother yet...) having Dave and Eva in my life seemed like a "more the merrier" type thing in the beginning. Over the years, I've come to appreciate them even more for their humor and honesty. Having a step brother and step sister that you adore is such a blessing. Although I don't see either one of them that often, when I do see them, on my side of the equation, it's just an instant bond.

I hadn't seen Dave in a year... almost. There was the infamous family white water rafting trip...

On the banks

Then the trip to Alaska...

Curt dad dave maria

And then last night.... where Dave also got to bond with K2 who came home from California and met us at the Pub.

Uncle dave

Thanks for dinner Dave! Although I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have had that last cider!

Asthmagirl out!