Things I haven't been honest about

Starting with my lack of disclosure last week. I fell on the stairs Thursday morning. I crumpled  my big toe against a stair but I was late for work, so I rammed the foot into shoe and took off for work. It hurt all day which I found annoying, but I didn't worry until I took the shoe off that night and the foot swelled up. By Friday morning I was frantic (because I didn't have a shoe big enough for my new hoof). It's the same foot that I sprained when I fell on the snow field. Being the calm, logical creature I am, by the time I got to my lung doctor (yes... well, I couldn't get into the clinic until Tuesday and my lung guy could see me that morning) I was sure my hiking career was over for the year and almost burst into tears on the exam table. Since he's seen me manage my asthma with this same hysteria level-headed approach,  he calmly explained that If it's not broken (it's not), I'd be hiking within 2-3 weeks. Following a painful xray and a heartfelt discussion regarding professional sports and steroids, he sent me home with the bootie and a bottle of pain pills. This whole scenario is doubly tragic since I got these in the mail, and I can only wear one right now!

Shoe 2

Shoe 1

Speaking of lies, I won't lie about my ass. I haven't lost a single ounce and I'm sure my ass is growing. The Old Goat felt bad for me after the stair debacle and bought me cookies. My weakness. Double Fudge. The 5 K ass thing is going to be even harder now. By the time my foot is ready to jog/hike/bike, my ass will be the size of a '71 Buick with a big chrome bumper. Sigh...

I haven't been honest about my hair. The truth is that if I cut 11 inches off at Christmas (as planned) for locks of love, I'll probably end up with a crew cut. The only way I'm dealing with my hair right now is to have it up every day. If I had to blow it smooth, it would take an hour every morning. How can it be too long to manage easily and yet not long enough to cut off at the same time? 

Finally, I haven't been honest about John Edwards. I told someone at work that I didn't care. I care deeply. I'm sad and disheartened about the whole thing. What I should have said was "I don't care to know anymore about it". I don't know whose baby it is, and I don't care. The media is blasting this story across the air waves and inflaming the masses over his lack of honesty. When will the media use that same energy toward inflaming the masses over the possibility that our president or his administration lied to us regarding why we are in Iraq? Isn't that just as important as whether a public figure cheated on his dying wife? Or if not that, how about the state of our economy or digging into why the EPA refuses to regulate green house gases or explain to congress why they won't. The housing slow down... the cost of food and transportation... the mortgage crisis...the stock market...