Nurse Kelsey  

Today is Girlfriend's last day of LPN nursing school. She plans to go on next year for her RN certification, but as she walked out the door (just now), I can't help but think about how the milestones are falling one by one as my kids move forward with their lives. And while I wouldn't have it any other way, there's growing pains on my part... While I'm happy to see them "go and do", part of me would just like to hold them tight... and take a little longer to cherish them "as is".

Out 1

Our oldest daughter and her husband are currently shopping for a house to buy... They're going to move at least 20 miles away.

Last month Girlfriend flew to San Diego with a friend to visit her new boyfriend, next week, she's going back by herself...

She's already talking about her application to RN school for next year. Next thing you know, she'll move out. [sob]

Last night, I taught K3 how to shuck corn... It's her last year of high school.

Where does it end? Pretty soon the only ones who will need me will be the Brute Squad.

The group  

Maybe I can get those umbilical cords to stretch just a bit further....