A mile a minute

This is one of those posts that I really gritted my teeth over before posting... but in the end, I felt like sharing. I took the day off from blogging yesterday. I needed it. This was one of those weekends that I did absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, the gears in the brain are turning a mile a minute. Here's some of what I've been pondering.

I love the blog. I love the way it compels me to consider, my life... relationships... experiences... loves. Without the blog, would I be less observant, less defined? I think to blog is to know yourself better. Sometimes to blog is to admit out loud that which we think and leave it open to the public for examination and comment. Healthy but occasionally uncomfortable... kind of like wearing jeans that are too tight and not wanting to admit it! (and then eating the ice cream someone offers you because you love it so!)

I get embarrassed sometimes about the blog. Sometimes when TOG tells people "oh, she has a blog" it sounds like (to my ears) "oh, this is that cute little thing she does when I'm not around". And sometimes, the response sounds like (again to my ears) "oh, that is adorable... I bet she owns Chihuahuas too"! I actually find humor in this. The words may be more like, "Wow, I could never do that" but they have the little facial things going on that say "And who in their right mind would want to?"  Now, I don't mind being taken lightly as a blogger. I feel comfortable in my writing and my intent. Besides, I'm a blond. I'm used to being taken lightly from time to time! [Asthmagirl deeply regrets any issues that comment may have caused other blonds]

But bear with me here... You read a lot of blogs, right? Me too! I'm following a number of really great journeys written by interesting folks, some with asthma, some with cancer, some with deafness, some that home school, some that cook, some that make me laugh out loud, some that parent, some that tell great stories, some that are trying to get published, some that are just doing their daily stuff with every day joys and concerns over gas prices, and the environment and what they'll cook for dinner that night. Ironically, some of what I've been reading lately kind of confirms that as a community, maybe we've let people take us lightly. When I read about careless comments purposefully posted that cause hundreds of responses and hurt feelings and sides being chosen up, I think that as a community, it reflects poorly on us. And because we are so public, other people reading us may take us at less than our best.

I've read a number of posts in the last year about bloggers wanting to be taken seriously and wanting to be paid decently for the privilege of allowing advertising in our space and wanting to be respected for our word of mouth capabilities. And all that's true, we do reach a lot of people... we're very visible. But if I wanted to be taken seriously and be respected by businesses as an industry that has intrinsic media value and worth, I'd be careful to present myself in a business-like way to all eyes, all the time.

Certainly there's more than one segment to the blogging world and I'm totally speaking for myself here. But I'm assuming that even if we blog for fun, we still want respect for the time and thought we put into making this medium flow, yes? We're the ones that stare at the blank computer screen each morning and bring our thoughts to life! And this little mirror we call a blog that the public gazes into so intently... It should reflect what we want people to believe about us. Perhaps that we have something worthwhile to say.... that we're articulate and entertaining... that we're connected to what's important in our world.

Comments are welcome. Look for a return of goofy pictures and other asthmatic adventures tomorrow!

 Asthmagirl out!