Safe and Sane

We had a great time out at the island yesterday. I took the Brute Squad down to the beach and they found lots of cool stuff to sniff and dig at. Because it's an island in Puget Sound, the beach is rocky instead of sandy as it doesn't get the constant wave action like they do at the coast.

My niece, Linnea, brought her fabulous lemon cake. Unfortunately, it sustained significant injuries on the drive down, and did not survive the trip. There was a brief, heartfelt ceremony and then we attacked!


I took two shots from the kitchen which sits above the living room. There are stairs up either side from the living room to the kitchen. The tide was incoming as we had walked the beach an hour earlier and now the water is in... Side one...


And the other side....

Two side

And finally, the man with the plan, my dad handling the burger production!


We left a little early in an effort to get home before the major fireworks. The dogs were glad to get home and see TOG (who was as sick as a 'dog' and thus stayed home). Unfortunately, our neighbors were feeling patriotic and kept the holiday spirit (fireworks) going until about 2 in the morning. Good times.

Hope you had a lovely holiday, no matter where you are. If you're enjoying a long weekend (like our Canadian friends last weekend!) what are you planning to do today?