Moderate Shomoderate!

After the excesses of Friday, we spent the weekend on the road... literally. Saturday we did a 25 mile bike ride which exhausted both of us. Sunday, we got up early and drove to the pass where we made only 6 miles of a 9 mile hike. The rain was amazing and we ended up wet and tired under at a tree after hiking only 3 miles in. It's a hike we'd like to do again when it's not raining sideways! The scenery was amazing!

Denny creek 1

Falls with snow 

What I find ironic is that TOG had originally selected a hike that was much harder than the one that kicked my butt this spring, The one that kicked my but was a 3100 foot ascent over 4 miles (8 miles roundtrip). The one TOG wanted would have been a 3800 foot ascent over 4.5 miles (9 miles round trip). I don't think so, Buddy! So I suggested this trail which was listed as "moderate". I'm a fan of moderate. I like a challenge, but I want to be able to enjoy it. This one was a 2100 foot gain in 4.5 miles (again, 9 miles) What the guide books don't tell you is the trail conditions....

Trail conditions

The top 2/3s of the trail was this... rocky, uneven ankle rolling crud. Although the climb was moderate, the footing was arduous. We saw one group of five hikers making their way out... one of them with a thouroughly trashed ankle. (which I can now recognize!) When we hiked out, we stopped to check the Ranger Report. Trail was listed as moderate to strenuous. Overall, the lungs were willing but unhappy. Hiking in the rain is like doing cardio with a wet washcloth over your face!

Girlfriend is on the mend. Nothing earth shattering, just lots of couch time and cream of wheat!

What did y'all do this weekend?

Asthmagirl Out!