Is it just me?

I've pondered this post for a week or so and had previously decided not to write it. But I keep thinking about it and I guess at some point I just need to say it and be done.

Dear Bloggers: What is up?

Over the last few weeks I've felt the tension build. I've seen all the posts about BlogHer... who's going, who's not, who wishes they were, who  wouldn't go if you paid them, who would go but wasn't invited, who thinks everyone should go...

It didn't register at the time because I already decided I wasn't going. Why? Well, the asthma is number one (isn't it always?). There's no way the lungs could tolerate that much perfume or cigarette smoke. And the rest? Yes, I enjoy meeting other bloggers. I'd probably enjoy some of the sessions. I enjoy having a few beverages and relaxing. But as much as I like socializing, I'm far from a party girl and a lot of the reviews I saw last year and this year were about the party.

Then I started reading the anti-BlogHer posts. The "I can't believe people actually go to that" posts. It felt like the blog-o-sphere was choosing up sides. Very Us/Them kind of message. Some of it seemed to be all in good fun, other messages seemed negative in the extreme.

Now that everyone is back, there are posts about the drama from BlogHer. And the parties. And the shoes. And the beverages. I've seen very little about the sessions or benefits of attending other than meeting folks you already read. (which would be really cool)

Which leaves me with two reactions...

  1. I hate drama. I hate confrontation. Having survived both the battlefield that was my parents marriage and the ordeal of my first marriage, I actively avoid drama. I realize some folks thrive on it, but when I start to see it on blogs I previously enjoyed, I have an involuntary gut clench....  (this doesn't mean I can't resolve stuff, I'm all for open discussion, negotiation and resolution... but not drama)
  2. I don't understand the lack of acceptance, the Us/Them stuff. If you want to go, go. If you don't, why disparage those that do?

Finally, it makes me ponder the bigger picture. TOG and I were discussing this at the pub, the movement of society toward less tolerance, more divisiveness, fewer political figures taking moderate positions, the need to win the approval of the far left or far right to take the presidency... Are we just becoming intolerant of anyone that thinks something different? How hard is it compromise or feel acceptance? Even Micheal Savage's spewing about asthma and autism last week.... it just smacks of division, people that are different, people we don't understand... we don't have to accept them, they need to change. Sure his comments were made for ratings, but they were ugly. Ugly, I hate ugly thoughts. And I hate seeing ugly in the blogging world.

I've posted about this before, about being proud of my blog and promoting the blogging community. I still love blogging and visiting my bloggy friends and learning new things. But I don't love the drama.

I'm glad BlogHer is over. Maybe the further we get away from it, the more we can return to the clever, insightful, humorous blogging that we do best.

Asthmagirl out...

PS~ To end on a happy note... My niece made Girlfriend some frozen yogurt (pomegranate and raspberry) and brought her adorable kids over to scare the brute squad! Way to go L! 

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