A brief respite

Last night TOG came home from work to find me fully outfitted in frumpy attire and doing laundry (because I love it so!). I quickly agreed to his offer of a short bike ride and when I went upstairs to get my bike clothes on, he was pulling on a button up shirt. "Let's go to the pub instead" he suggested. While I was up for a bike ride (girlfriend doesn't require full attention anymore), going to the pub felt too decadent. I had dinner planned, I was in the middle of laundry, she needed to medicate in two hours... It made me laugh as I sat at the pub an hour later! The bike ride was healthy and okay to do. The pub was fun and therefore shouldn't be done! When do we quit allowing ourselves to have unscheduled fun? I've become such a frump!

As TOG explained at the pub, he thought that living the tonsil thing for 48 hours was sufficient and I needed to step away for a moment and clear my head. A very thoughtful goat he is.... So we had our usual... my half order of nachos (I swear I would mainline them if I could figure out how!) ... with a spicy (4 out of 5) bean-less steak chili and for the gentleman... Hoppin Hummus. Yes, TOG eats much healthier than I do!

Afterward, we went down to the waterfront for a quick stroll where I played with the camera...

The pier

From the pier. I hate walking out there! It sets off all my alarms!

Evening boat

Boaters slipping out for an evening spin...

We stopped and got girlfriend a milkshake on the way home. When we got there we found this...

Nurse madeline

Nurse Madeline, sitting by the patient. I'd like to say she was caring for her... but the truth was she was waiting for dinner!

Noble Pig did a post yesterday on Petiquette. I thought about the perpetually naughty brute squad and I should warn you... if you come to my house and sit on the sofa, you will eventually have a brute in your lap. We will absolutely peel them off of you if you're opposed, but that is how they socialize. Being so small, they can only kiss toes unless they leap up on the sofa for lap-time. Once they are up there, they seem unable to distinguish between okay laps and not-so-okay laps. Perhaps they're not very bright? Don't tell them I said that!

Update on girlfriend. She's hungry. Seriously. The pain meds are keeping the discomfort manageable (when the pills don't come flying out of her mouth) and she is starting to dream about food she could maybe eat. We will try tonight if she does better at swallowing her pills today. She dreams of milktoast and pasta!

Hope all is well in your world! Asthmagirl out!