We're back. Home girl is out on the sofa totally conked out. She's cruising on the narcotic highway... for the next couple days anyway! Surgery went well. She's VERY painful and swallowing is difficult. This morning she joked about puree'-ing a cup of my chile for her dinner. I think she's over that now!

Neat thing... I was taking pictures while they prepped her this morning and she was telling the nurse how she's doing a required report on the tonsillectomy to make up for missing her labs in nursing school this week. I go out to the lobby after they take her back... here comes the anesthesiologist out to talk to me. He asked for my camera to take shots of the procedure. I set it on auto and handed it over. We have shots of the whole surgery, including the dead tonsils! I signed a release stating I wouldn't use the shots to sue them and they gave me back the camera in recovery! The pictures are so cool! There's even one of her airway when when they look through the tool to put the breathing tube in!

Thanks for all your well wishes over the last few days. We really appreciate the kind thoughts! Gotta go get her next meds ready! Have a great rest of day!