I had a plan for this morning, but I'm going to deviate from it. I just can't seem to focus on what I intended to do! (possibly a side effect of tossing and turning all night) However, I am feeling list-y so I do want to share a couple of quick thoughts this morning before going to get ready for work...

  1. I've realized as I get older that I'm becoming less "classically feminine". Does that even make sense? Less make up, more comfortable shoes and just recently, less fussing with my hair. Although if I were to fuss, it would definitely be my hair I'd fuss over!
  2. I'm puzzled in that my feet look to finally be the same size again yet I can barely tie a shoe on my right foot I have to leave the laces so loose...
  3. How is the kitchen completely trashed less than a half hour after I ran the dishwasher and wiped the counters?
  4. And lastly, when will my desk be clean? OMG, I'm so tired of it being such a mess! (I know, I know, I have to make time to clean it!)

As I prepare for another week of work and worry (K2's tonsils tomorrow), here a few things I'm grateful for:

  • That I can get a shoe on my foot at all!
  • That I can do a 20 mile bike ride and not be sore afterward (Thank you hiking!)
  • That I have little dogs to cuddle with even if they do fidget some nights
  • That I have my health (such as it is) and I can do fun things like falling off a snow field!
  • That I have a job in this economy and can afford a tank of gas per week (barely)
  • That sugar free fudgecicles only have 60 calories and they were on sale last night!

Have a great day all! Asthmagirl out!

PS~ On the bike ride yesterday, I did get to experience something I hadn't seen yet this year... the Bunny Death Dash. The bike trails are loaded with bunnies. They sometimes run out on the trail in front of the bike instead of into the bushes AWAY from the bike. I've heard stories about them taking bikers down and I can imagine that it's a dreadful crash for both the biker and the bunny! Can you spot Little Bunny Foo Foo?