A little perspective

Generally I'm pretty good about maintaining my momentum in posting... I tend to keep things moving forward with only an occasional backwards glance to make sure my hair isn't on fire! And while that works most of the time, I really need to go back and pick up some threads I've left hanging... otherwise next week isn't going to make much sense to y'all!

Remember the tonsil abscess K2 endured? The one that landed her in the ER on morphine? Yeah, that one. It's back. It started up last week and the consensus is that the tonsils are now the source of infection instead of helping to filter infection. Basically, stick a fork in them, they're done. While they could keep the infections at bay with antibiotics, it's really a better idea to remove them... during her last quarter of nursing school... while she works in a hospital. Add to that, if she doesn't get them out this month, she loses her insurance because....

TOG changed jobs. He was hating his and found another engineering job at a hospital five miles from us. Which means his insurance is over the end of this month and doesn't kick in at the new job until November... by which time K2 will have graduated nursing school (if the tonsil thing doesn't throw a wrench in the works) and not be eligible anyway. So it's now or never for her. Surgery is Tuesday. TOG in the meantime, is happy as a clam in his new job and his commute time is down to zip.

The leg continues to do well and surprisingly has shown no new signs of infection in 6 weeks or so. Believe me, the celebrations have been legion! The ankle from last weekend is... well... there. The swelling is almost non existent in the morning after being elevated all night. It's puffy and pasty when I get home at night from being on the floor all day. Driving is still a little painful. So, no hiking this weekend. But TOG wants to try it on a bike ride. If I can stabilize the ankle, it could work. I am walking with full weight on it even though it's a little uncomfortable.

Remember the security issues? Some guy came to the door a couple nights ago peddling alarm systems. I was making dinner and paid little attention. TOG spoke with him and announced he was coming back last night. I didn't ask why. Apparently it was to finalize the deal. TOG.... Mr. Consumer Reports, comparative shopper, lets looks at three more before we decide up and bought a system from these guys we've never heard of. No references.... just signs the contract. Then the guy announces it that his installer is "in the neighborhood" and can be there in a half hour. How convenient. So now we have an alarm system, complete with shrill beeps that make the dogs howl. I forgot how to arm it last night and I think I set it but it started beeping like crazy so I disarmed it and went to bed. Apparently I'm going to need more training!

Finally, thanks for you comments regarding my little munchkin yesterday. She's a unique kid. Some of you were correct in your assessment that we could ask for a Power of Attorney which would protect her in certain situations such as legally binding contracts. That actually is the middle step as we understand it. However, retaining custodial rights would allow us to continue to insure her and unfortunately would erase her right to vote. I'm leaning toward that. I spoke with K3 last night and even though she thinks voting is "dumb" and something "that parents do" (much like buying flowers for the yard which she thinks is the dumbest adult behavior) she would like to retain as many rights as possible. But she also wants to be able to go to the doctor.... so more discussion for sure.

Remember my car window and the guys in Canada that clamped the window up? Not covered by my extended warranty. Oh they covered the work done when I got back, but they have a bazillion reasons why they won't cover the work in Canada. The dealership didn't call first, they don't reimburse tools (vise grips), they don't reimburse private parties (me), they didn't actually "fix" anything.... What it boils down to is that they just choose not to. I've already written the first letter. I'm considering a letter a week until I grow tired of it. Why? Because the guy actually told me I should have left the window down the entire time we were in Canada. Yeah... It pissed me off.

I still have more, but must get ready for work... I'll try to get more posted with food porn this weekend. I actually cooked something and photographed it for the cooking blog last night, I just didn't have time to download the shots.

This shot is one of my favorites from Canada. The weather was so calm, there was no point in even putting the sails up....