Envelope Please!

Last week, I got worked up about the afternoon treasure hunt being too easy and talked the rest of the planning team into making it a little harder. (to see what I'm talking about, please read yesterday's post) The rest of the team wasn't sure but helped me make the changes. But until the day of the event, you don't know if you're right or wrong. I visualized people returning to base hot and frustrated screaming "we only found three clues. It was the worst game EVAH!" In hind site, it's a good thing we did increase it to 12 locations because 5 of the 8 teams finished all 12 locations!  (we did hear there was some cheating, but that may have been sour grapes)

Many of the businesses had their way with the contestants. Any team that went to see my friend Ed, at the Ford dealership had at least a half hour of BS to get their next clue. He sent teams to the parts department, across the street to used vehicles, over to the leasing office, down the street to the Kia dealership.... He sent one team to a rival Ford dealership 20 minutes away! The auto parts store held their clues for ransom. They required cash money, or you had to work behind the counter for 10 minutes. The car detail shop had people out searching in glove boxes and in the used rag bin! The lawn mower shop set out post hole diggers and told people they buried the clues out back!

It was fun and even better that two team tied. The Exec did Rock, Paper, Scissors as a tie breaker and each member of the winning team got dinner for two at one of five area restaurants! Today, I just need to go in and finish cleaning up. Uggg....

In other news, it looks as though K2's tonsils are flared up again. She's back on another dose of antibiotics but I think it's just a matter of time until they have to come out. She's debating on doing it soon or waiting until she completes her clinicals. This last quarter of nursing school is all at the hospital where she rotates through every department. To top it off, TOG changed jobs this week, so her insurance runs out the same day the quarter is over. The timing really blows. Her tonsils have had 22 years to get to this stage. Now is not a good time!

Finally, I end today with a thank you! Earlier this week, the delightful Liz of Snooty Primadona awarded me the following:


I spent about 30 minutes one morning this week trying to fit it into my sidebar before giving up and telling myself I'd have to deal with it AFTER the big day! Liz, thank you so much, I'm really tickled that you thought of me! Especially since I get such a thrill from reading your blog! I'll get to awarding it to others in the next few days. AND getting it on my sidebar. I think I am sidebar challenged!

Off to clean clues off my desk, pick up trash, thank businesses and do other "after the event" type stuff! Coming your way... Food Porn and Hiking! What a combo!

Have a wonderful day! Asthmagirl out!

Happy feet

PS~ Don't you love Happy Feet!