The big day!

Thursday is the Day! I'm writing this Wednesday night because I have to be out of the house by about 6:15 in the morning. I'm picking up the catering orders on the way into work, and arriving early to set up the eats and pack my car.

Here's what's happening: We're getting our entire agency together (from both counties and all divisions) and doing a team building day. They'll be given breakfast, then split into teams and given their first assignment. The morning consists of team exercises and events. They'll have to costume their team by theme, create a group portrait, play a memory matching game with three foot by three foot cards in a park, buy themed desserts for other teams and ride go carts. After I feed everyone breakfast, I'm leaving early to staff the go carts all morning. I'll be wearing tons of sunscreen and basking in a lawn chair next to a ice chest full of water. When teams arrive, I'll get them signed in, take pictures of their ride and provide clues to their next destination!

Then we all meet for lunch (pizza) and laugh at the desserts they were assigned to buy. (example: must be yellow and oblong and feed six for under 12.00)

In the afternoon, we've created a treasure hunt. We've spent the last month taking pictures of local businesses. We've created a set of three pictures for each business (hard, easier, spells it out). Each team will try to solve the first location using the fewest amount of clues. Once they figure out where it is, they go there for their next set of clues to the next location. Each team has a total of 12 locations to find. No route is the same, many teams will not see the same businesses. Each route takes about 2.5 hours to drive. They have 3 hours to complete the course. The team that opened the fewest envelopes wins cool team prizes! I don't think it's possible for any team to complete the course.

Today I went and laid out all the clues. It took about 6 hours. All the businesses are excited to be a part of it. Many of them want to mess with the contestants! It should be interesting to hear the stories as they make their way back to headquarters! I'm going to hide out at one of the intersections of various routes and see how the teams are doing!

By the end of the day tomorrow, I'll be a happy and tired camper! But hopefully the contestants will have fun and the stories they tell on each other for next few months at the staff meetings are hilarious!

Off to bed! Thanks for your patience this week while I help to pull this off! Catch up with you soon!

Asthmagirl out!

PS ~ There is food porn coming your way... the spiced lamb chops with the peach ketchup? They're back!

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