I'm smiling this morning as I read the responses to my weather woes. I think it's interesting that other folks are bemoaning all the variations of weather in their area as well! It's a reminder that I should be counting my blessings, because all too soon, I'll be sweaty and grumpy!

No food porn today. TOG and I did indeed go to the pub last night but I didn't take the camera. We went downtown last night to a comedy festival and I didn't want tote the camera along and I'd never feel okay about leaving it in the car. So I traveled light.

The festival itself was quite funny although I made it through without an inhaler. Not so afterward when we had to wade through the bank of smokers outside. Compounding the situation is all the diesel and exhaust downtown. I know it's the price I pay for stepping out of my traditional haunts, and I'm willing to pay the price now and then. But it always leaves me wondering... how do people live downtown? I realize that I'm like a canary in a mine (as Amy says) in that I'm the first one to start coughing and wheezing. But that doesn't mean the air is good for the rest of the folks down there.

I may be pretty sensitive to that right now. I had an interesting discussion with my dad a couple nights ago in which he revealed that he hasn't seen any evidence of global warming and he doesn't think that my efforts at recycling or conserving are going to make any difference in terms of clean air. Of course, I told him that nothing else makes sense. I can't affect what anyone else on the planet does, but because I struggle to breath, I can't just go about my business and say screw it. This conversation rapidly went south as he promoted drilling in ANWAR and I suggested that we invest in alternate energy choices since petroleum was a finite resource. We stopped shy of name calling once we got to the air quality of Shanghai and Beijing. I think we just baffle each other. He can't believe I won't come to Phoenix to see him (dreadful air quality)  and I can't believe he doesn't get what a big deal breathing is to my lungs. It's been five years... Ah well. He has many other wonderful qualities (aside from being stubborn and bull headed)

Plan for today: if the weather breaks, we'll hike. If not, we'll clean the garage. Guess what I'm hoping for?!