Here I am on vacation sleeping in until 6am... If only my internal alarm would shut off on days I do not have to get up!

Today it's not raining and I'm hoping we can get some work done in the yard. It's been so wet the last couple days that it hasn't been worth the effort to even put the grubby yard boots on!

I saw the surgeon yesterday and she's horrified that the leg is still an issue. Both of us expected it to be resolved after last year. We're going to try two weeks of heavy duty antibiotics to see if we can get it to clear up before we consider other options.

In other news, I think TOG and I are headed to the high desert tomorrow to try a low altitude hike. Along with the mountains being full of snow still, the leg is not in climbing condition. We were at the outdoor store yesterday and we're both getting antsy about putting some miles on our boots!

Okay fine... I'm just plain antsy. I'm getting really tired of this leg and have fantasized more than once about hiking with a peg leg! It's really challenging to do cardio with only one good one (at the moment)! While I'd love to more involved with MPM's fitness challenge, there's only so much I can do about the exercise portion of the show while hopping on one foot! On the food side, I have given up cookies (sob!).

Alright fine, TOG made me eat Breyers fudge ripple ice cream last night. (I love that man) I have to rev up the exercise in order to work the ice cream off.... and the pint I had at the pub yesterday... and the fries... it's so hard to be good, dammit! In my defense, I did not eat the gingerbread s'more with chocolate ganache and marshmallow pecan sauce (and stout ice cream). But I wanted to.

What are you resisting that you'd like to indulge in? Asthma girl wants to know!