The Heart of the Home

OMG! You're here! I mean, I knew you were coming, but I forgot to tidy up last night. Well.... you may as well see the house in all it's "lived in" glory! Welcome! I just put the coffee on and I'm thrilled that you're here for a visit!

We've lived here about three years. A little more than three years ago DOT finally bought our previous home after threatening to do so for a number of years. (I believe there was discussion about putting a freeway through the master bedroom?) Unfortunately DOT doesn't have much of a sense of humor, so once you accept their offer (on Dec 23rd) you have 6 weeks to be gone or they start charging you rent to live in your house. So you're limited to what is on the market at that time. This house was the pick o' the litter. There's things I like about it and things I don't. What I do love about it, is the great room concept.

This is where everything happens! The Great Room!

Great room

Family room, kitchen and dining combined! The home of great football games, holiday meals and chaos. This picture is taken from my office door which provides a builder grade tissue paper sound proof wall so I can get tons of work done while the family cavorts and frolics in the family room! Also, there are an abundance of blankets for the Brute Squad because they get chilly in the winter. In the summer, they like to burrow into the blankets in the morning.... thusly:


Now, follow me into the kitchen and we'll look at the great room from the other direction (nearer the coffee pot)!

From the kitchen

Note the mess on the counter? Excellent! Hiking food from last weekend and puppy biscuits setting on the wine rack. Asthmagirl runs a clean galley on this ship! The one thing I love about this kitchen is the proximity to the action. With family over, they can sit in the dining room and chat you up while you're working! (Because in Asthmagirl's house, family knows better than to throw off my control issues kitchen groove!) Down on the end... that's the door to my office. It's not nearly clean enough for the tour! Now, let's move toward the middle.

Stairs of doom

These are the stairs of doom. Do not go down these in flip flops first thing in the morning. The only saving grace to falling down these stairs is that you roll into the dinette set which prevents you from hitting the glass slider! But that floor is harder than it looks... just sayin'.


Here's a better shot of the dining room table... the repository for everything that comes in the house, I swear. Some people (the old goat, cough, cough) even hang their clothing upon the chairs DAILY. Apparently, we have a very casual attitude about keeping this table clean. I do like the pub height though. It's a very laid back look. Maybe it's casualness invites clutter and laundry... who knows! At least we haven't begun tap dancing upon it!


Okay, turning and looking back into the kitchen... here it is. The generic builder grade kitchen. We did end up buying a new stove (The Behometh!) this year because the old one bit it, but other than that, no changes. It's one main virtue? Size. You can cook the whole turkey dinner and lay it out buffet style on the island and not feel cramped. This is the first time in my life I've had a kitchen that's big enough!

Family room  

Ah, the family room! Pull up a chair. The chair and the sofa both recline and let me just say, it's easy to fall asleep! The clutter on the floor? Dog toys. Lots of 'em! The Brute Squad loves the dog toys! Also note the pile of papers under the table. Yeah... it might be nursing school home work from middle girl. I know there's a Bon Apetite under there and I think a hiking magazine. And a dog dish. Because that's where the youngest Brute takes her meals.

Please note the fireplace. This keeps us warm during storms when we lose electricity. The gas fireplace, stove and hot water heater keep us from being total heathens warm, clean and fed til the power comes back on. However this fireplace was not installed correctly when we moved in. The exhaust was venting into the walls instead of outside. We kept smelling this hot wood smell but thought it would go away. Finally the framing got hot enough that the house caught on fire. That was three days after we moved in. For the next month, we had builders and contractors and fire damage folks in and out of the house putting things back together. I had to move the lungs into a hotel for a while because of the smoke damage and the builders were nice enough to pay for my room as well as fixing the house.

The fireplace is also a wonderful location for a holiday photo!

Holiday two

I hope you enjoy the rest of your home tours! Thanks for dropping by the open house and thank you Mrs. G. for hosting the event! Coffee anyone? Scones?