Oh Honestly!

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with my one co-worker that I allow to read this blog. I should take a moment and state that this woman is one of the kindest people I've ever met. While she doesn't skip down the trail throwing rose petals and singing, she is grounded, honest and simply has a huge heart. I adore her!

Our conversation centered around the act of blogging itself and why and how you do it. In the course of that conversation I became all the clearer on why I do it and why it's a good fit for me. Mostly, in writing one, it's the ability to see myself as a whole person... the funny stuff, the active stuff, the family side, the food, the photography, the asthma.... I enjoy taking myself not so seriously but just stepping back and looking at at all the different facets that make me... well, me, in all my flaws and beauty. In reading other blogs, it's the hope and reward of finding folks that have similarities and yet challenge you with differences and make you think.

I think blogging is really a study in contradictions. Are you only reading people that think like you? Are you challenging yourself to expand your horizons? Are you writing for yourself or are you writing for your audience? Are you laying it all out there or are you editing your life? Do you look back and think you should have been more forthright or less? I feel challenged in what I may or may not choose to discuss or how I portray things... because when I look back at a post a year later, I want to recognize it for the truth that it was at the time. And the truth becomes even a little stickier when people you know read your work. When my niece says my words about my mother were too kind, I know I wasn't completely honest... but only said what I absolutely had to! Yup, that was an edited post! 

I guess I'm thinking about these things a lot more, because I finally have time to do so. Yes, I'm a blog dork!

Lastly, I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new blogger on my reading list. I hope she plans to put out more than just her one post! She's over at http://www.stopstaringatmypuppies.blogspot.com/

Asthmagirl out!