Over the last few weeks, possibly months, I've been considering some changes in my life. While I'm not wretchedly unhappy, I have noted that there seems to be a gap between what I'm currently spending time doing and what I'd like to be spending time doing. Or... maybe there's just an overabundance of what I'm currently doing and I can't see anything else!

For those that aren't in the know... I work full time as a grant writer/IT person for a disability agency. When the opportunity presented itself, I also started my own business doing the exact same thing for a separate entity. Mostly, this was a way to fill my dance card when TOG began working evenings. It certainly keeps me occupied. I've been living this crazy plan for over 4 years and I've been fine until lately.

I'm just beginning to realize that as long as I continue to do this, I'm limiting my ability to do anything else... take a photography class, improve my IT skills, explore additional writing opportunities, the list goes on. So yesterday, I let my client know that I will no longer be doing free lance grant writing. I will continue to do IT work... mostly because I know his systems inside out and I think he'd have a hard time finding someone that would take him on. He's kind of difficult.

I have not yet figured out how to absorb the financial blip. I suspect it will be a month or two before he finishes paying my invoices for work in progress, so I'll have some time to figure it out. The money from my business mostly goes into savings. Occasionally I take a chunk out and buy TOG a computer or take him to Canada. It's also my shoe money and hair money! And in a way, it's independence because I don't have to account to anyone for it. TOG and I consider this the "don't ask/don't tell" portion of our finances! But it will affect my ability to save and I'll likely reduce some expenditures (not hair)!

Mostly, I'm looking forward to taking a deep breath and asking myself what do I want to do? I'll have time now to think about it. What would you do if you got an additional block of time? Inquiring minds want to know!