A brush with royalty

Except Royalty should be capitalized because when meeting Royalty, all the proprieties should be observed. Asthmagirl has an aversion to being clapped in irons!

On Friday,we noted that one of our favorite reads (by favorite Asthmagirl means she is on the daily hit list of 'must reads') was on her way to our area. Without a moment's thought, (and before we had time to stop ourselves) we sent her a message telling her how excited we were that she would visit our principality and how we hoped that same would live up to her expectations.

Imagine our delight when She allowed that she would have time in her schedule to meet with us! An audience? With HER? Oh my!

We quickly adjusted our itinerary and tidied our appearance. Then we were off along with K2 who came along for use of the carpool lane moral support to keep our exuberance to an acceptable level.

Asthmagirl rather suspects that the location was chosen in order to make her easy to spot. It was in a notoriously large department store (starts with an "N", ends in "ordstrom") known to make our lungs wheeze with all its scented offerings. By the time we got to the third floor, the lungs made their needs known, and so we're afraid we made ourselves a bit conspicuous with our public use of inhaler in front of said Royalty. Embarrassing, no?

At this point, we fear we must name drop and tell you, dear reader that we met with none other than The Baroness! But Yes!

 No... seriously!

Although she comes off as somewhat austere (note the persona below)...


...we wish to note that we found The Baroness to be utterly charming... warm, humorous and full of secret smiles. We rather suspect that if she removed her hat and veil, we would find puppies, rainbows and unicorns to spare! We are also glad that our introduction via inhaler occured, because we would not have been able to pick her out of a crowd based on her self description. Despite her assertion of being big boned, The Baroness is actually in real life, a delicate flower, inside and out.

So much wonderful conversation and laughter was had that before we knew it, it was time to go. The Baroness was being texted by The Baron Von B, and one of the Dukes. Admidst the hugs, we managed to signal one of the waitstaff to take a picture of The Baroness as we were leaving. Although we understand that she must maintain a strict secracy of her persona, we feel that this picture may be allowed. (Asthmagirl was very clear that she wanted photographic evidence of the encounter... otherwise, how would she be believed?)

Behold! The Baroness!

The baroness

If you have not visited The Baroness, we recommend it heartily! She is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ We forgot to mention that The Baroness taught us all about Supermodel Snacks! And we learned that we share a love for diet rootbeer!