Because I was thrown so far off course with K2's tonsil the last couple days, I'm abandoning my blog plan for the day and just letting this one flow.

So last you heard, we were getting cleaned up and heading for the doctor yesterday afternoon. No... I posted a comment to say I'd seen the tonsil. Girlfriend could open her mouth far enough. OMG! It was huge. It was no longer pushing her uvula over, but it was all out in the middle of her throat. Her face was swollen, even her ear and neck hurt. This next bit is going to have some detail so skip down if you don't want to read it. There's no way to say this stuff delicately.

*graphic paragraph*Tuesday, the tonsil had been completely coated in white pus. Wednesday morning it had a localized circle of white. The steroids had helped to shrink the tonsil and apparently the infection as well. We were dressed and getting ready to leave when Girlfriend grabbed her little kidney shaped dish from the hospital and started.... emitting. Stuff. Lots of it. And the smell! Horrendous. OMG. Her tonsil abscess ruptured before we could even leave the house. I've never seen anything like it. She checked on the way to the doctor's and the white circle was gone. Thus the doctor declared that it was not an abscess, just tonsillitis. We tried to explain what had happened, but I think we came off as a little dramatic and overly concerned (you really had to be there to see what had come out). However he did note that he would be willing to remove her tonsils later this year after everything had cleared up.

The lungs appear to be back on track after missing the one dose Tuesday night. I'm a little surprised that they even reacted because they're usually so stable in the summer. But even last week when I tried reducing the inhaled steroids, they were complete toads so I guess I'll be nurturing them for a while yet. I was just really surprised to blow a yellow zone peak flow yesterday morning. I did it three times to be sure. So I used my stronger inhaler yesterday and this morning I'm back at the top of my green zone. Where is my stability? These things used to be like a rock in the summer. Now they're like a rock sinking to the bottom of a pond! Stupid lungs.

Lung shot

And the leg. It is the best it's been in months. Seriously. I didn't want to rush to that conclusion, but I've completed the antibiotics and it's doing well. I no longer walk like a cast member of Deadliest Catch! So I tested it Monday and took it for a bike ride. A quick three miles at 12 miles per hour. No, I'm not a big dummy. I just figure if it's going to act up, lets do it now while the surgeon is waiting to hear. Because if the leg is going to behave, I'm going to start working it... bike rides, hiking, and I plan to start running. If it can't hold up to that level of activity, now is the time to address it, not mid July when I plan to be using it a lot more (assuming the lungs are along for the ride!). The last thing I want to have happen is to plan a big alpine hike with TOG and have the leg wimp out.

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank someone for helping me out. When I called her on the way to the hospital, she totally had my back. Got on-line, found the map to the hospital, helped me make some decisions about keeping other family in the loop and made me laugh! K1 can really be a rock. And she probably doesn't get the recognition she deserves for being level headed. Truly, she ought to be bronzed. Except that might hurt!

Hopefully back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. (such as it is) And I'm really going to try to get food porn this week! Have a wonderful day!

Asthmagirl out!