Girl Interrupted

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing .... well, because we can. We're Editor-in-chief! I pretty much had the remaining posts this week planned, but I love the spontaneity of throwing the plans in the air and going with what's happening. First of all, the disclaimers:

  • I'm running on not very much sleep
  • My lungs are extremely crabby
  • I don't have a lot of coffee in the system yet

And now for the back story. K2 is possibly the daughter most like me (poor dear). She got my long, skinny stork legs, stubborn nature and delicate stomach... some of which will come into play later!! She also appears to be sporting her own chronic condition which in her case, would be a funky throat. I can't tell you how many infections, swollen glands and strep she's had over the last 5-6 years. So much so that we've become a bit jaded. Much like my lungs acting up, we view a flare up of her throat as just another wrinkle in the fabric of the universe. The unfortunate aspect to all these infections is that according to the medical community, she's never had enough infections or enough in a one year period to justify removing her funky tonsils. Apparently the rule of thumb is four in one year. In her senior year, she had four cases of strep in 14 months which was just outside the standard. Seriously.

As you might imagine by now, the little dear began another funky throat a few weeks ago. She waited to see if it would clear up (finals week in nursing school so she didn't have time to go in!) and then the day after finals she went to the doctor. She failed the rapid strep so they weren't sure what kind of infection it was but because of her history they put her on antibiotics anyway. She asked for the liquid amoxicillin because her throat was so sore. So she keeps getting worse and Monday night TOG and I were both telling her to shag her butt back to the doctor because seriously, she could barely open her mouth.

Yesterday afternoon, she texts me from the doctor with this message: "They're sending me to the ER because my tonsil is abscessed and I need IV antibiotics and they're going to drain it" This is where my cape begins fluttering big time. I had one tiny moment in which I wondered if she would need me (she's 22) and then I didn't care. I needed to be there for her. So off I went to tell my boss I was missing our afternoon meeting and then screech my tires as I left the parking lot!

There was the usual requisite waiting in ER, even on a Tuesday afternoon. K2 and I did two things to pass the time... 

  1. I kept telling the nurses that she was in nursing school, because I figured there's a professional courtesy there.... when she says her pain level is at a 9, they should understand she's not being melodramatic (much).
  2. She has cue cards and keeps writing down what other people have. Something like this "He has a-fib. heart beating 2 fast. They're going to check his enzymes... EKG. I still have a brain even if I can't talk"

Finally, after she diagnosed everyone in the waiting room, they get us back in a treatment room, and lucky us, we get the best ER doctor I've ever met. He asks questions and I recite what's she's told me to say via hand signals, lip reading, a lifted eyebrow and other means on non verbal communication.

After four shots of morphine, a huge dose of antibiotics, a mega dose of IV steroids and a follow up shot of anti nausea (girlfriend's delicate stomach cannot handle morphine well), the excellent doctor determined that he cannot open her mouth far enough to drain anything. The infection encompasses a very large area. He hopes the steroids will bring down the inflammation enough that she can open her mouth so they can drain it in the morning. They gave her enough morphine to last her until midnight and then sent her home with all the appropriate drugs. We're going back this morning to get it drained. We slept downstairs on the sofa which was not that restful as the only thing she can eat to take her meds is runny cream of wheat. I made the last batch at 4:45 am and she's sleeping again.

The ear, nose and throat dude opens up shop in an hour, so I'm going to go clean up and take my meds which I forgot last night (hence the grumpy lungs). I'm toying with trying to take a shot of her tonsil just for fun. I am a sick, sick woman.

Asthmagirl out!