More on security

Following the raccoon invasion, TOG was telling me that someone had been in our back yard that day. We barricade the gates with bricks at the bottom on one gate and a board secured with a fairly large rock on the other...because little dogs can get under the fence like no one's business. Thus, we've taken pains to make the back yard chihuahua proof. Someone pushed and pushed on the gate with the board and rock and they were able to reach their arm in and pull the board away which gave them enough room to squish through since they couldn't reach the rock.

It's not the first time we've been invaded. A year and a half ago, K3 and I went into the village for fish and chips. While we were gone (maybe 45 minutes) someone pried the handle off the slider came in and stole my laptop, a bunch of software from work, the kids DVD players and some other electronics. It was pretty traumatizing for the brute squad. Since then, we've discussed getting an alarm system, but we've also really focused on securing the house. Since then, we've only been invaded by Raccoons.

TOG put a lock on the gates yesterday which seems silly to me. I mean, it's a 6 foot wood fence. I'm sure someone could get over it if they were determined. But yeah... if they come back for an encore, at least they'll know we're onto them. It just seems silly to have to padlock the gates to protect a rusty wheelbarrow and a barbecue grill.

I keep thinking about the brute squad though. I'm sure that person looked in the slider and that must have raised the brute squad alert level to def-con 5. The sad thing is, they aren't a deterrent. After the break in, they were hiding when I came home and wouldn't come out. I don't know what was done to them.... they didn't seem hurt. I'm sure they were frustrated that they couldn't kill the bad guys. I was just relieved that they were probably so roudy and intense that the thieves couldn't catch them to steal them. Thank goodness I didn't have them crated.

So my question is, do any of you have alarm systems? Do you have one you love? Do you have one and hate it? Can you help me to make a good decision about this? Our neighbors have alarm systems, and the signs in their yard and I'm betting they haven't had the issues we've had. I just want the invasions to end.

Sorry about no food porn today. We didn't go to the pub last night. K2's guy had a birthday barbecue and he asked me to make Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes. I did and they were magnificent! I also made him my deviled eggs because he's a huge fan! So we got to his house, and I forgot to put the smart card back in the camera. Dang! Trust me, it looked great!

Time for one more cup of coffee before the yard work starts!

Asthmagirl out!

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