The Brute Squad

Assuming it's not jaw clenchingly cold, we keep the sliding glass door slightly open in the evening in order to let the doglets run out in the back yard to do their thing. It's not unusual for one of them to pop their head up and growl at the slightest noise and assume we're being attacked by a band of rogue squirrels with semi automatic acorns. This incites the other two into a frenzy of barking and posturing until unable to contain themselves, all three rush out the slider and make known to the intruding wild life (and thus the entire neighborhood) that they are on job, hip to the diabolical invasion plan known to squirrels everywhere as "Taunt the Chihuahuas"! To be honest, it's usually Cassie (the tiniest one) who sounds the alarm and leads the charge and all too often, what lights her fuse is no more than a bug flying into the window or the wind blowing. Alternatively, in visual reconnaissance mode, the sighting of a robin gathering dry grass for her nest is enough to trigger the invasion alarm.

So last night, I'm sitting in the recliner with Cassie watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (my newest addiction) and Cassie lifts her head up and starts the deep growl. Its dusk, and I haven't shut the blinds yet. I look up into the back yard and yes, there are shadows moving on top of the back fence line. They're kinda big though... I tighten my grip on Cassie who is going berserk as she makes visual contact with the perps. I look closer and I recognize "the walk".... Raccoons! We've got raccoons walking on our back fence! And the slider's open!

Forgetting the leg, I leap out of the recliner holding the whirling dirvish formally known as Cassie and hobble race for the slider to try to get it closed before either the raccoons come in or the dogs rush out. The rest of the brute squad (Maddie and Fiona) are sounding the alarm from upstairs and scrambling out of TOG's office in order to respond to Cassie's now maniacal howls. My greatest fear is that A) the Raccoons will drop by for dinner and B) dinner will consist of three bad ass chihuahuas.

It's not the first run in we've had with the raccoons. We leave our garage door open about 3 inches in the evening so the boy cats can come in and out of the garage. Believe it or not, 3 inches in an invitation to a raccoon to come in for some cat food. One night. I closed the garage door not knowing there was a raccoon in the garage! Talk about a disaster! I don't recommend trapping a raccoon in your garage. Lots of noise and howling (cats) and things getting knocked over... Our poor cats were terrified! These are the same two boy cats that have decimated the mice, rat and shrew population in our neighborhood. Apparently they will not take on a trapped raccoon. Punks! However, our dogs were going nuts trying to get into the garage,,, Fearless but tiny, just my luck!


Behold: The Brute Squad!

The group  


And a special thanks to Krysta for allowing Roxy to play with us yesterday! We had so much fun with her!



Have a great day!

Asthmagirl out!