Things she's not talking about today...

In an effort to perk up her posts, Asthmagirl has compiled a helpful list of things she won't be discussing today.

She will not discuss the following:

  • That we broke the record (previously held in 1891) for the coldest first week of June since they started keeping track
  • That the spring storm that blew through last night had 45 mile per hour gusts
  • That it only reached 53 degrees yesterday (only half as warm as other areas of the country, I know)
  • How thrilled she is to go back to wearing sweaters to work (cough)
  • That she had to resort to a second blanket at 4 this morning even with the window closed and the heat on
  • That her herbs are probably dying a slow painful death on the patio
  • That she's not at all heartbroken about the tomato crisis as she has always suspected they were poison
  • That she also suspects those people that keep emailing her from the Canadian pharmacy don't know she doesn't take viagra
  • And they can't spell pharmacy right either
  • That she continues to ponder the peg-leg solution to her leg difficulties (would she have to wear an eye patch as well?)
  • That the more she considers lopping off her hair, the better behaved (and time consuming) it becomes
  • That the spell check has crashed her post twice... once yesterday and once today. Today she saved it as a draft first so she wouldn't have to recreate the whole thing... again.
  • Thus she apoli appole apologizes for any spelling errors...

In other news, she thinks a certain Chihuahua named Roxy is an absolute muffin cup.

Is there anything you are not discussing today? Perhaps we could 'not discuss it' together.... Do tell!