Taking things in stride

Just a warning that this may be a little TMI for some folks....

Last year, I had surgery on my leg, in fact almost exactly a year ago.

I had a cyst "repaired". Normally this would be a minor procedure done in the doctor's office, but this was the second surgery on the same site. I'd had the cyst "removed" 14 years earlier. Prior to that, I'd had it drained at least 5 times as an in-office procedure. So there's a long history and a lot of scar tissue. In fact, during the prep for surgery even the anesthesiologist suggested that this could be done with mild sedation until I gave him a brief history. Consensus afterwards was that the general was the better option... even with the asthma wild card.

Afterwards, it took about 4 weeks before I was able to really ride the bike for any distance (10 miles). At 5 weeks, I got my first 25 mile ride of the summer in. And I finished the summer with the rafting trip and some great hiking. So really, even though I hadn't been planning on getting the leg repaired again, I didn't think it cramped my style too badly.

Looks like this summer is going to be a repeat. I was on the bike all last week and had worked my way up to a five mile ride by Friday. Saturday morning I got up to find the incision filled with blood. I've sent my doc an email asking to be referred back to the surgical center, but I'm really sad to be in this scenario again. My plans for the summer will definitely be scaled back.

Ironically, I really need to share that my positive frame of mind is actually due to the asthma. No matter what I've planned since the onset of the asthma 5 years ago, the lungs have pretty much impacted everything! From taking my asthma flare to Canada for our anniversary last year, to having to turn back on hikes to cutting bike rides short to wheezing around the campfire... I've learned to deal with last minute changes. In my previous life, the unfortunate truth is that I would have been pretty worked up at having my summer plans changed. Now... phhft! Whatever! And it's not just a matter of rolling with the punches, it's also just scaled back expectations. A cutting myself some slack if you will. I don't have to hike 10 miles... I want to... I'll try to, but it's not the end of the world I have to turn back. That's a big adjustment from my previous "take no prisoners" attitude I brought into so many different situations! Thanks Asthma!

Um yeah... I didn't think I'd ever say those last two words! Talk about personal growth!

What are your plans for summer?

Asthmagirl out!