Time off for good behavior

I had some personal goals set up for this weekend and did not do much about them.

I had intended to rework the blog header and clean up my side bars. I'd also wanted to clean up my office (boy does it need it!) and I really wanted to get a little house work done. Yeah... none of the above. For a couple of reasons.

First, TOG and I are determined to finish the yard this year. Each year, we take a stab at it and then wear ourselves out because it's such a big project. It's especially tempting to do this because my asthma is always incredibly well behaved in the summer and we want to go do things while the lungs are willing. So we throw our hands in the air and go hiking. Or throw our bikes in the truck and go to Canada... same thing! Then we say we'll come back to it in the fall and we don't.

This year, because the snow pack in so huge in the mountains, we can't hike yet. So we're committed to kicking butt in the yard so that when we throw our hands in the air this year, it will be because we're done!

The other thing that's slowing us down is my leg. It's getting progressively worse (no surprise) and I still haven't heard back from the referral nurse at my doctor's office. At this rate, I don't think I'll be able to ride my bike this year at all. Although I do still think I'll be able to hike.

Lastly, this weekend, I just felt like recharging. I've spent the last month working on a federal grant at work and it just drains you. They really want a quality study done to validate need and it's just a ton of data and statistics and I'm so much better at narrative. I struggle with data, budgets and logic models! Anyway, I'm sending it off after a final quality check this morning and then keeping my fingers crossed. I know it's competitive, but if we do get it, as a three year grant, it will really enable us to help a lot of folks with disabilities.

So this weekend, every time I said "you should really go clean your office", I just didn't want to! So I didn't, Way to be an accountable adult!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ I saw this shrub while I was out photographing one of our work crews recently. I've been meaning to post it! Have a great day!DSC_0156